Gasconsult awards two deals for Botswana CSG to LNG project

Gasconsult, the UK-based LNG technology supplier, has awarded two contracts for a pre-feasibility study for the use of its technology on a coal seam gas LNG project in Botswana. 

The first of two contracts has been awarded to Owner Team Consultation (OTC), a Johannesburg based engineering company, will comprise a survey of the market size including identification of potential off-takers of LNG, identification of potential project partners, a capital cost estimate of the facility, upstream gas sourcing and development of a financial model for the project.

OTC is comprised of former Sasol executives and has been active on a number of gas and energy-related projects in Southern Africa.

The second subcontract has been awarded to Osmo Projects of the Netherlands for the design of a liquefaction plant based on Gasconsult’s ZR-LNG process in combination with Osmo’s patented systems.

The combined process designated ZR-iLNG, is jointly promoted by Gasconsult and Osomo and is particularly suitable for pipeline gas, CSG and biogas, Gasconsult said in a statement.

The company added that the system allows an optimized low energy demand and low equipment count configuration for the challenging high CO2 and high nitrogen content of the low-pressure Botswana CSG.

Speaking on the award of the contracts to OTC and Osomo, Bill Howe, CEO of Gasconsult said, “this first phase work will lay the foundations for a definitive feasibility study to be used as the basis for a final investment decision on the project.”

“The activities have now reached the stage where commercialization is imminent,” added Freek van Heerden, operations director of OTC.