Excelerate Energy’s FSRU Exemplar heads out to serve Finland

Gasgrid Finland’s LNG floating terminal is fully up and running

With the integration of the LNG floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU) Exemplar into Gasgrid Finland’s gas transmission network, Finland’s first FSRU-based terminal, located in the deep harbour at Inkoo, is now fully ready for use.

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Esa Hallivuori, Senior Vice President of Transmission Business at Gasgrid Finland, said: “We have now got our LNG floating terminal fully up and running and all the required official permits to start commercial operations are in place. Everything has now been finalised and tested. This means that the customers of our terminal can begin to distribute gas to meet the needs of industry, energy production, and households not just in Finland but also in the Baltic states.”

”Our LNG floating terminal has already generated plenty of interest and enquiries from various parties. We believe that there is a real need for the energy provided by our terminal both now and going forward. The LNG floating terminal can provide a huge amount of energy also for heat and power production when needed.”

”Connecting the LNG floating terminal to the port structures and gas network built by Gasgrid Finland went like clockwork thanks to experienced professionals. The LNG floating terminal project is an excellent example of how seamless teamwork between different parties works at its best. Now that our LNG floating terminal is ready to come on stream, it will also improve the security of supply for Finnish society.”

The LNG floating terminal vessel is 291 m long and when fully laden holds around 68,000 tonnes of liquefied natural gas (LNG), which corresponds to around 1,050 GWh of energy.

The LNG is regasified on board the vessel after which the natural gas is transferred via a loading arm to a 2.2 km connecting pipeline and then on to end customers through Gasgrid Finland’s gas network.

The vessel has an annual regasification capacity of 40 TWh, which, according to Gasgrid, far exceeds Finland’s annual need for natural gas.

The LNG terminal also enables gas deliveries to the Baltic states and to Poland through the Baltic connector pipeline.

According to Gasgrid, LNG will be supplied to the terminal from the international market and will help Finland to permanently phase out its dependency on Russian gas.

To note, no Russian gas is used at the terminal.

During the commissioning period of the unit, lasting until 25 January 2023, Gasgrid said the gas will be delivered to shippers who have made a reservation for that lot, as well as to secure Finland’s security of supply.

The LNG floating terminal vessel Exemplar reached Inkoo on 28 December last year.

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