Gasum Declines to Comment on Estonia’s LNG Initiative

Gasum Declines to Comment on Estonia’s LNG Initiative

Gasum welcomed the aspiration for Finland and Estonia to find a compromise on the location of an LNG import terminal. The suggestion made by Estonia, of building terminals in both countries, is new to the company, and will not be commented on at this point, Gasum said in a statement.

Estonian Minister for Economic Affairs and Communications, Johan Parts, said on Tuesday that Finland and Estonia could solve the question of the location for an LNG import terminal by building terminals both in Finland and Estonia.

Both countries have a plan for building a large LNG import terminal, which is eligible for EU investment funds. Gasum’s Finngulf LNG initiative and Estonia’s LNG terminal initiative are listed as mutually exclusive on the projects of common interest list of initiatives eligible for funding published by the EU in October 2013.

“Gasum welcomes the desire for Finland and Estonia to reach a compromise on the matter. The suggestion made by Minister Parts is new information for Gasum, and the company has not investigated the option. EU funding is instrumental for both Finland and Estonia in initiatives of this scale. Gasum has no knowledge whether the suggestion made by Estonia fulfils the criteria set for EU funding. Therefore, the company is unable to comment on the proposition at this point,” Gasum added.


LNG World News Staff, January 21, 2014; Image: Gasum


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