Gasum Selects Pori as LNG Terminal Location

Gasum Selects Pori as LNG Terminal Location

Gasum said it has chosen Tahkoluoto, Pori as the location of its first LNG import terminal. The 30,000 cubic metre terminal will improve the availability of LNG in Finland and reduce emissions.

Gasum intends to build an efficient liquefied natural gas distribution logistics chain based on truck transport around the Pori terminal. Gas supply will be targeted to fit the needs of the industry as well as maritime and road traffic. When completed, the LNG import terminal will serve the entire western coast from Hanko to Kokkola. The Tahkoluoto port, which is accessible throughout the year, has an existing infrastructure, active ship traffic and many significant industrial clients operate in its vicinity.

The final investment decision regarding the Pori import terminal has not yet been made. Gasum has applied for investment funds for the LNG terminal from the Ministry of Employment and the Economy. Gasum expects to begin construction of the terminal during this year. The terminal is expected to be completed in the fall of 2016. The construction project of the Pori terminal will employ an estimated 250 FTE (full-time equivalent) workers. After its completion the terminal will directly employ 10 people and indirectly 50 more.

The LNG import terminal will diversify Finnish gas and fuel markets. The use of LNG will improve the competitiveness of businesses, since in recent years the price of LNG has been more stable than that of replaceable fuels and price development has been moderate. LNG is also more environmentally friendly than the fossil fuels currently used by the industry, maritime traffic and energy production.

Gasum has also planned to build an import terminal in Pansio, Turku. A planning appeal regarding the planned import terminal has been made to the Turku Administrative court, delaying the project. Pending a positive decision on the construction permit and favourable market development, the company is ready to invest in Turku in the future by building an LNG import terminal and the associated distribution infrastructure

The City of Turku is continuing the finalisation of the city plan for the terminal area. The common objective of the City of Turku and Gasum is to prepare the project-related pre-approval processes so that construction of a maximum 30,000 cubic metre import terminal could begin in 2016. Together with Gasum, Port of Turku Ltd will make sure that the Pori terminal offers LNG for maritime traffic in Turku even before the Pansio terminal is introduced.

Through the acquisition of Skangass, Gasum will have a broader LNG distribution infrastructure in the Nordic countries in the future. The Pori import terminal will become a part of the new joint enterprise. Skangass has an LNG terminal in Øra, Norway as well as the Lysekil terminal still in construction and the planned Gävle terminal, both in Sweden.

Press Release, March 5, 2014

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