Gasum Selects Site for LNG Terminal (Finland)

Gasum Selects Site for LNG Terminal

Gasum has made a decision between the sites available for an LNG import terminal in Inkoo, Finland, and opted for the Fjusö area in Joddböle. The construction of the terminal on the site owned by the National Emergency Supply Agency will require a separate environmental impact assessment.

The EIA will be conducted concerning Fjusö as the terminal location and examine the environmental impacts during terminal construction and operation.

The EIA will also cover a 22-km Ingå-Siuntio natural gas pipeline connecting the terminal to the Finnish natural gas network. This part of the EIA will examine the routing of the pipeline. The planned pipeline route is located in Inkoo, Lohja and Siuntio municipalities.

According to the preliminary schedule, the EIA programme will be completed at the end of February. The EIA report is estimated to be available in August-September 2014. The project’s EIA consultant organisation is Sito Oy.

Published in May 2013, the EIA report on the Finngulf LNG project examined Tolkkinen, Porvoo, and Joddböle, Ingå, as locations for the LNG import terminal. No obstacles to terminal construction were found in the EIA report, and the EIA report was regarded as appropriate in the statement provided by the Uusimaa Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment.

The more specific EIA will be conducted as this is required by the location of the terminal in the Fjusö area of Inkoo. Data from the previous EIA can to a large extent be utilised in the new EIA. The Ingå LNG terminal planned by Gasum would diversify the gas market, increase flexibility in natural gas sourcing and enable access to gas by new users outside the gas network. The final investment decision on the terminal project will be made in late 2014.

LNG World News Staff, January 13, 2014; Image: Gasum