Photo: Courtesy of Gasum

Gasum starts up LNG station in Port of Nynäshamn

The Nordic energy company Gasum started operations at its new bunkering station for liquefied gas at Port of Nynäshamn, Sweden mid-June.

Gasum starts up LNG station in Port of Nynäshamn
Courtesy of Gasum

The new station includes new bunkering solutions enabling ships to bunker the chilled fuel.

After a year of construction, the new bunkering station is ready to serve existing and new customers, Gasum said in its statement. It enables bunkering at high speed from two trucks at the same time. The station set-up and the specialized trucks now being used allows bunkering to take place at the same time as unloading or loading operations.

Ferries were earlier bunkered using single trucks which was both time consuming and affected the ferries’ main operations and schedule.

The new bunkering station is frequently used by two of Destination Gotland’s gas ferries.

“The station’s fit-for-purpose high-speed pumps allow the bunkering operation to take just 45 minutes. Passengers disembark and embark and goods are unloaded and loaded while bunkering. High precision and prompt deliveries from our side are needed in order to keep to the vessels’ ordinary schedule,” noted Jonas Åkermark, sales manager, Gasum.

The station is located at Port of Stockholm premises, very close to the existing Gasum LNG terminal.

Gasum’s LNG trucks transport the fuel a short distance of 5 kilometers from the terminal to the station.

Gasum supplies both liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquefied biogas (LBG) or a blend of the two from the station.

LBG is a renewable energy source. Ships blending LBG into their fuel will reduce their CO2 emissions as biogas causes zero environmental emissions.