Gasum to use Swedegas facilities to bunker LNG-fueled vessels

Image courtesy of Gasum

Finish energy company Gasum has made an agreement with Swedegas’ to use its facility to bunker LNG-fueled vessels.

Image courtesy of Gasum

Gasum said that Swedegas’ gas infrastructure at the jetty of the Energy Port in Gothenburg would enable the company to broaden its services to meet the increasing LNG demand in the maritime sector.

The first bunkering operation took place for the oil and chemical tanker Tern Ocean on October 24. The vessel is chartered by Preem, and it loaded its cargo simultaneously from Preem’s refinery in Gothenburg.

Jacob Granqvist, sales director in Gasum, said: “For years we have bunkered LNG at the quayside from diversified delivery points in the Nordics. The benefit of the Swedegas set-up is that our customers can solve two issues at the same time, both getting fuel and handle cargo.

From the jetties 519 and 521 in the Gothenburg harbor, Swedegas offers its customers the opportunity to bunker LNG and liquefied biogas (LBG) at the same time as the vessels load and discharge their cargo.