Gaz-System S.A. and Other TOCs Release Second GRIP

Gaz-System S.A. and Other TOCs Release Second GRIP

Gaz-System S.A. together with other Transmission System Operators (TSOs) of the BEMIP region have released the second edition of the Gas Regional Investment Plan (GRIP) which was prepared following the requirements of Article 12(1) of the Regulation (EC) 715/2009.

BEMIP GRIP provides a regional gas market development outlook, an update on regional initiatives since the release of the first edition of BEMIP GRIP in March 2012. The present publication focuses on the analysis of the major gas infrastructure projects to be implemented within the region and their impact on the development of the regional gas market. BEMIP GRIP includes also an update of information on the infrastructure projects in the region that was compiled and presented in Union-wide Ten Year Network Development Plan 2013-2022 in February 2013.

The BEMIP region is currently experiencing a high degree of dependency on a single supplier source and a relatively low level of interconnectivity between the countries belonging to it. In such context, the TSOs of the BEMIP region aim to raise the awareness of the need for the development of the regional gas market and implementation of major infrastructure projects of gas transmission, liquefied natural gas terminals and gas storage facilities. These projects will contribute to further integration of the gas markets, diversification of gas sources and routes and enhancement of the security of gas supply.

The importance of the development of gas infrastructure in the region was confirmed by selection of 15 infrastructure projects belonging to the BEMIP region into the first Union-wide list of Projects of Common Interest (PCI), as approved on 14 October 2013.

“The release of the BEMIP GRIP 2014-2023 is another step towards connecting national gas infrastructure into a single, well-interconnected gas market in the Baltic region. This region needs implementation of investment projects so that currently isolated systems, so called gas islands, are connected with the gas networks in other EU countries, the security of supply is increased and finally a competitive energy market is put in place.”Rafał Wittmann, Development Division Director of GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. and ENTSOG Board Member.

GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. together with other TSOs involved in preparation of BEMIP GRIP expects that the current edition of the report will constitute useful tool to its readers, fostering awareness about development of gas market and gas infrastructure projects and facilitating decision making process by gas market stakeholders.

Press Release, May 21, 2014; Image: GAZ-SYSTEM

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