Gazprom: Greenpeace Refused a Constructive Dialogue

Gazprom Greenpeace Refused a Constructive Dialogue

After Greenpeace today announced its activists had climbed aboard the Prirazlomnaya platform in the Pechora Sea offshore Russia, Offshore Energy Today asked Gazprom for a comment.

Gazprom’s Information Directorate has replied that: “Today Greenpeace representatives broke the 500-meter safety zone navigation offshore platform Prirazlomnaya and with the help of climbing equipment “hung” by its board. They were asked to go up to the platform for a constructive dialogue. But they refused, saying that “we will hang on the platform.”

The company has said that the works carried out on the platform are running according to plan.

Offshore Energy Today Staff, August 24, 2012; Image: Greenpeace