Gazprom M&T: SUMIS lab opens

Gazprom M&T opens SUMIS lab

A newly refurbished Laboratory of Electric Machines co-sponsored by GM&T and Dynagas was opened at the Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping (SUMIS).

The Laboratory will enable SUMIS cadets to learn different modes of vessel electric propulsion system operation (free wave, rough sea, ice conditions, acceleration, stopping, emergency). Additionally, cadets will be able to design models of power units of various types of vessels: tankers, ice-breakers, ice-class vessels and new generation research vessels.

The Laboratory equipment was designed and manufactured by a Russian company CJSC “Ship Electric Propulsion” in cooperation with international companies such as Siemens, Vacon, Vaasa Engineering and Ingeteam + Indar.

Nikolai Grigoriev, Managing Director of Shipping, GM&T said, “The opening of this laboratory is an essential milestone in the development of a training system for engineers who will operate highly automated vessels such as LNG tankers. It complements the comprehensive programme of GM&T to develop highly qualified Russian seafarers and to increase Russian content in our LNG fleet.”

GM&T said it has been supporting SUMIS since 2010 and implemented various projects and initiatives, including the onboard training of SUMIS cadets and employment of SUMIS graduates on LNG and other modern vessels of GM&T business partners – the world’s leading shipping companies Dynagas, SCF Group, Stena Bulk, Teekay and TMS Cardiff Gas. This year alone, more than 100 SUMIS cadets have had shipboard training and 27 SUMIS graduates received employment as navigation and engineering officers as part of this programme.


Press Release, September 30, 2014; Image: Gazprom M&T

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