GE, Maersk Drilling team up in data analytics project

General Electric (GE) and Danish drilling company Maersk Drilling have partnered up to collaborate on a data analytic-driven pilot project with the aim to increase Maersk’s drilling rigs productivity.


GE said on Wednesday that it was collaborating with Maersk Drilling collaborated to deploy SeaStream Insight, GE’s latest innovation in marine asset performance management, powered by the Predix system.

The pilot project will be carried out on one of Maersk Drilling’s XLE rigs and will last for 12 months. Currently, the project has reached its first milestone, with data collected from the rig currently being processed and analyzed online.

Jesper Hansen, CIO of Maersk Drilling, said: “Digital capability will be one of the key enablers for Maersk Drilling, and we embrace this industrial transition. We are excited to collaborate with GE who is at the forefront of the digital revolution.”

Operational sensor data from critical equipment is connected to a historian, a specialized server that stores the data needed to model the blueprint of the drilling operation. By building this “digital twin,” the digital software can then help compare assets to assets and provide access to vessel performance against the ideal state. Big data is also translated into clear dashboards with a holistic view of a vessel, which can help operators make more informed decisions.

GE said that SeaStream Insight would also be able to predict the future state of critical asset health, therefore spotting inefficiencies or detecting potential failure earlier, up to weeks ahead. Operators are given early warnings to mitigate potential problems in advance, which help reduce unplanned downtime and increase drilling productivity.

In addition to enhanced productivity, the software will also allow operators to maintain equipment in a more efficient manner. Since it allows transition from prescriptive (calendar-based) to predictive maintenance, it can, in theory, help reduce excessive maintenance and costs for Maersk Drilling. GE believes that such an approach could reduce maintenance costs by up to 20 percent.

Tim Schweikert, president and CEO of GE’s Marine Solutions, said: “Marine operators need to transform themselves to be efficient, predictable and nimble. Drawing critical insights from operational data is a crucial first step.

“With the present period of prolonged energy price instability, we believe data analytics tools provide the right technology that will help the industry going through the current downcycle and maintain sustainable growth for the future.”

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