Geoforce Launches GPS Equipment Tracking for Offshore Oil&Gas Operations in West Africa

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Geoforce, Inc., one of the world’s leading providers of asset management solutions for the Oil & Gas industry, announced today the launch of GPS equipment tracking services covering offshore and onshore oil and gas operations in West Africa.

Geoforce’s award-winning service combines satellite tracking devices with web-based software to allow users to locate, manage, and receive movement alerts for high value mobile equipment such as cargo baskets, containers, tanks, rental equipment, service equipment, vehicles, and vessels.

Geoforce Director, Matt Ulrich, stated, “With our expansion in to West Africa, Geoforce is proud to continue our rapid growth throughout the world, augmenting our existing deployments in North America, Brazil, Alaska, Australia, and South East Asia. We look forward to providing Geoforce’s deep industry knowledge, superb customer service, and innovative technology leadership to our growing base of customers in West Africa.”

At the request of existing customers, including international oilfield service companies and major oil and gas operators, Geoforce began offering GPS equipment tracking services in West Africa earlier this year. Since then, deployments in the region have grown rapidly and strategic business partnerships have been established with experienced local entities.

Locating and managing equipment in the oilfield has always been a challenge, both operationally and financially. Companies operate 24/7 with valuable assets constantly in motion across drilling rigs, platforms, shore bases, marine vessels, and trucks across the globe. Prior to the advent of Geoforce, inventory was typically managed manually and operations personnel were forced to make educated guesses concerning the specific location and status of assets, which led to uninformed and ultimately suboptimal decision making. Now, utilizing Geoforce’s GPS tracking devices and powerful web-based asset management platform, the efficiency and security of oilfield operations in West Africa can be improved, resulting in increased efficiency, transparency, and profits for operators.

About Geoforce, Inc.

Geoforce, Inc. provides asset management solutions utilizing a blend of GPS, RFID, and other wireless technologies accessible via customizable web-based software and enterprise grade web services. With years of experience in the Oil & Gas industry and the largest satellite asset tracking deployment in the Gulf of Mexico, Geoforce is proven to increase efficiency, transparency, and profits.


Source:  BusinessWire, December 16, 2010;

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