GeoSea Hires FoundOcean and BASF for Grouting Work on Merkur

GeoSea has ordered MasterFlow 9600 grout from BASF’s Construction Chemicals division to be used on the Merkur offshore wind farm.

The grout will be installed by BASF’s licensed contractor FoundOcean using their specialized grouting equipment.

BASF’s MasterFlow 9600 will be used as a skirt backfill grout for 66 grounded monopiles and transition pieces.

As the Merkur offshore wind farm is in German waters, MasterFlow 9600 had to meet the requirement of the single case approval (ZiE) procedures for the grouting of offshore structures.

MasterFlow 9600 gives volume stability to the skirt backfill which is essential for monopile foundations with bolted connections, while also providing corrosion protection.

GeoSea is the general contractor for engineering, construction and installation of foundations, offshore substation and the internal array grid for the project. Offshore transport of wind turbine generators is also included in the scope of GeoSea’s works.

The 396MW Merkur offshore wind farm – owned by Merkur Offshore GmbH – covers a total area of 47 km² in the German Bight.

It will consist of 66 GE Haliade 150-6MW wind turbine generators and will produce, when completed in 2018, about 1,750 GWh of electricity annually.

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