Germany: First 10 m Pipe Produced at EEW SPC

Germany First 10 m Pipe Produced at EEW SPC

EEW SPC produced the first pipe with a 10 m diameter from one plate in June 2013.

The new Haeusler bending machine in the Rostock plant has only been installed recently. A cylindrical pipe section with a diameter of 10 m has now been successfully produced from one plate of 31.4 m long, 3 m in wide, and 95 mm thick.

Hence, EEW SPC is equipped for the production of XL monopiles in the future. The XL monopiles increase the usage of foundation structures for offshore wind farms up to a water depth of 40 m and therefore, currently are the most reasonable foundation structure available. EEW SPC is expecting to receive first enquiries for projects with diameters of up to 9 m already this year. With the construction of a new production hall EEW SPC has created the infrastructural conditions to produce XL monopiles in their entire length as of the end of 2014.


Press release, June 21, 2013; Image: EEWSPC