GKinetic seeks help with permits for Shannon River demonstrator

Ireland-based company GKinetic Energy has issued a request for tender for services that would help facilitate the permitting process for the deployment of its hydrokinetic turbine in Limerick.

An aerial view of the River Shannon, Limerick, Ireland (Courtesy of GKinetic Energy/Limerick.ie)
Aerial view of the River Shannon, Limerick, Ireland (Courtesy of GKinetic Energy/Limerick.ie)

GKinetic is participating in a development project part-funded by Horizon 2020 to demonstrate the use of its hydrokinetic technology, which converts the kinetic energy within river and estuary flows into renewable electricity, on the Shannon River in Limerick, Ireland.

Therefore, the company is inviting quotes for a supplier to provide a hydrology study, preparation of the required Environmental Impact Assessment/Natura Impact Statement, and preparation of a permit to install the technology.

Also, GKinetic expects professional advice and support from the contractor with the permitting process that will secure a permit to deploy a demonstrator for a limited period at the selected site.

The information obtained from the studies and statements will assist to select the site and evaluate the hydrokinetic power potential and the likely consequences of such installations on flow distribution, flow velocities and elevations, and impact on the water environment and flood risks, amongst other matters.

“Timing in respect of completion of the work is of the essence, and the work must commence immediately after the award of the tender and be completed in time to allow the installation and performance validation to progress within the defined timeframe of the Horizon 2020 project”, GKinetic Energy said.

The deadline to respond to the tender on eTenders has been set to 30 December, 2020.