GL Noble Denton Seeks Oil Professionals’ Opinion on the Industry Outlook

GL Noble Denton Asks Oil Professionals about the Future

GL Noble Denton has called upon hundreds of oil and gas sector professionals to contribute to a comprehensive new research programme investigating the issues the industry is expected to encounter in 2013.

Working in association with independent partner Longitude Research, GL Noble Denton has invited sector professionals to have their say on the future of the sector by taking a confidential online survey at: .Responses to the survey will form the basis of a new report on the outlook for the oil and gas industry, due to be published in January.

This is the third annual report on the outlook for the sector to be commissioned by the technical advisor to the oil and gas industry and will include comment from a series of in-depth interviews conducted with senior industry players.

The report will seek to provide the opinion of oil and gas professionals on a wide range of topics, including: the sector’s investment prospects for the next 12 months, the regions and energy sources offering the

greatest opportunities for expansion in 2013, and whether oil and gas professionals expect new industry regulations to help or hinder growth in the coming year.

 Pekka Paasivaara, Member of the GL Group Executive Board, said: “The oil and gas industry has changed remarkably over recent years, as high capital expenditure gives rise to exciting new projects, working to tighter margins, in greater extremes of geography and climate. 

“The results of this research programme will help us to better understand the opportunities and pitfalls that our clients expect to face in 2013, as the oil and gas industry looks to continue to raise their standards in the safety, integrity and  performance of their operations, while meeting an increasing global demand for energy.”

Press Release, October 30, 2012

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