Global Offshore taps MakaiLay software for power cable setup project

MakaiLay Power software
Credit: Makai Ocean Engineering

Cable installation and maintenance player Global Offshore recently commissioned MakaiLay software for a power cable replacement project.

The SSEN Pentland Firth East project was also the first for Global Offshore to use the MakaiLay Power Module.

The company already utilises the software for telecom cable installation campaigns.

Power cables are heavier and more rigid than fiber optic cables. Their longevity could come in question if the installation takes place without the correct tension on the seabed.

Specifically, this project saw the installation of a 37-kilometre subsea power cable between Scottish mainland and the island of Hoy.

Global Offshore completed the installation using the vessel Normand Clipper with support from Makai’s subsea cable deployment software.

The cable setup took place with the majority of the route between 70 and 80 metres water depth.

The MakaiLay Power Module contains an additional suite of tools designed to address specific issues faced during power cable installations.

“We were impressed with the accuracy of the MakaiLay Power Module, and believe the MakaiLay software will be a key component in proactively managing the cable installation and reducing dependence on ROV monitoring,” says Ian Griffiths, subsea and cable operations survey manager at Global Marine Group.

Finally, post-lay survey showed average deviation of the MakaiLay calculated as-laid cable path of 0.73 metres over the entire route.

The £30-million cable replacement project delivered the installation of a new 33 kilovolt (kV) cable.

As a result, the new cable allows for the removal of some sections of existing overhead line on Hoy, replaced with underground cable.