Global Shippers’ Alliance Launched

The European Shippers’ Council (ESC), The Asian Shippers’ Association (ASA) and the American Association of Exporters and Importers (AAEI) have formed the Global Shippers’ Alliance to cooperate in the field of air freight, maritime transport and trade facilitation, as well as represent shippers’ interests worldwide.

The parties signed the Memorandum of Understanding today, in Surabaya, Indonesia.

GSA intends to engage in constructive dialogue with national governments, supranational bodies, NGO’s, transport organizations and organizations of logistic service providers and strive for better cooperation.

Subjects that are important to shippers are, amongst others, fair pricing of transport including surcharges in maritime and air transport, proper competition, security and customs regulations, standardization to facilitate data exchange, terminal handling charges and service levels in international transport, GSA said.

Image: ESC/Flickr