Global Wind Turbine Order Intake Activity Slows by 13 pct (Denmark)

MAKE Consulting – a leading strategic advisor to the wind power industry – has published its FY/2011 Global Wind Turbine Orders ResearchNote . Analyzing an industry which has seen an overall drop in YoY order volumes, MAKE Consulting approximates Global Wind Turbine Order Intake in FY/2011 to be 26GW.

While the traditional high volume order markets in Europe and Asia saw order volumes drop in FY/2011, the Americas saw a 7% growth in wind turbine order intake; primarily attributed to expiring policy in the U.S. in 2012, strong Quebec and Ontario provincial markets in Canada, and strong central tender auctions in Brazil.

In comparison to other regions, the Asia-Pacific region experienced the sharpest decline in order intake in FY/2011. As China constitutes the lion’s share of development in the Asia-Pacific region, the nation’s continuing issues with grid connectivity have negatively impacted regional order intake numbers. Europe maintained a stable position in its share of global order intake, but recorded a 46% slowdown in the offshore segment that was offset by exceptional onshore performance in North Europe, Central Europe & Eastern Europe.

Offshore order intake in Europe experienced a slowdown due to a large existing backlog and current development conditions in Germany and the U.K., where projects are delayed due to permitting and execution issues. In the Asia-Pacific region, a sharp decline in offshore order intake activity was attributed to the absence of a Chinese offshore concession.

As competition in the wind turbine manufacturing industry continues to stiffen and order sizes continue to diminish, manufacturing companies are compelled to innovate and drive turbine evolution further.

While American and Asia-Pacific markets saw an uptick in order volumes in the 1.5-2.49MW turbine segment, Europe experienced an increasing demand in the 2.50-2.99MW turbine segment. The FY/2011 Global Wind Turbine Orders ResearchNote provides in-depth analysis of global order intake for wind turbines over the last 12 months. It includes a year-over-year global, regional, and offshore comparison of order intake by order size, wind turbine nameplate rating, and expected commissioning year. A market-focused outlook for order intake in 2012 is also provided.


Offshore WIND staff, February 06, 2012