GMI Resumes Liberian Gold Dredging Operation

GMI Resumes Liberian Gold Dredging Operation

Venga Aerospace Systems Inc. announced that the Company’s mining affiliate, Global Mineral Investments, LLC has resumed its Liberian gold mining operations with dredging having now been restarted at GMI’s Dugbe River site.

Kiwi Inc., GMI’s African based joint venture partner and on-site manager of GMI’s dredging operation, reported that after approximately 6 weeks of preparatory work, full dredging operations began on January 15, 2012.

We are obviously pleased that gold dredging operations have resumed at our river sites,” stated GMI’s President, Jon O’Regan. “With a new, experienced management team and work crew in place, we are hopeful that we will see a higher level of recovery this operational season,” continued O’Regan.

About GMI – Global Mineral Investments LLC is a U.S. based private corporation that has acquired and is developing gold concessions in Sinoe County, Liberia.

About Venga – Venga Aerospace System Inc. is a Canadian public company that is currently listed on the TSX Venture Exchange. Venga operates or has an investment in three business units: aerospace; 3D graphics and gold mining in West Africa. Venga has a 20% equity interest in GMI.

Dredging Today Staff, January 18, 2012; Image: vengasystems