Grain LNG takes first ever deliveries from Dominican Republic, Peru

National Grid’s LNG terminal in Kent hit two milestones with first ever deliveries of liquefied natural gas the Dominican Republic and Peru. 

The first cargo, according to the shipping data was delivered by LNG carrier Cadiz Knutsen with the capacity to transport up to 138,000-cbm of liquefied natural gas. The carrier unloaded its cargo on February 24, National Grid said in its statement.

The second cargo dispatched on February 6, from the Peruvian LNG export plant in Pampa Melchorita, arrived at the Grain LNG terminal on March 4. The cargo was transported by the 135,072-cbm LNG carrier Gallina.

Commenting on the deliveries, Simon Culkin, terminal manager at Grain LNG said that the facility is capable of processing LNG which would “normally be outside of the UK’s gas specification,” due to its extensive gas blending capabilities.

He further added that LNG imports are taking a more vital role in the UK energy mix as North Sea production declines, and as the government has decided to withdraw from coal-fired generation by 2025 and the phase out of all current nuclear power stations by 2030.

With the UK currently importing gas from continental Europe and LNG primarily from Qatar, Culkin notes that diversifying supply sources could also mean a more secure and competitive gas market.