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The Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference 2023 (OEEC 2023) was a great opportunity to get to know innovators and their innovative solutions from the offshore energy realm. Start-ups and firms FLASC, Flying Fish, Heerema Engineering Solutions, Next Ocean, Tree Composites, NIM, V-Lab, and Breman Innovation pitched their innovative technologies to professionals, companies and enthusiasts involved in the offshore energy sector. 


Dutch company Nederlandse Innovatie Maatschappij (NIM BV) pioneers clean energy with hydrogen fuel cell and combustion technology and novel storage methodologies. During the session, Innovators’ Pitches on The Stage, Sander Roosjen, NIM’s Chief Technology Officer, offered his insights on the importance of collaboration for the energy transition. Founded by five founding partners, the firm binds several companies from the market into one company. NIM has four business units which are focused on the hydrogen value chain, methanol dual-fuel solutions, heat recovery systems and carbon capture systems for vessels.

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UK-based smart engineering technology and energy consultancy firm V-LAB was founded in 2020. The company’s team works on several areas associated with energy efficiency, carbon neutrality and clean technology. The company’s mission is to “Further the development of mankind through innovation”. Vladimir Vukovic, Director of V-LAB presented AI-based health and safety training solution, SafeSite. The solution was developed in collaboration with Core System Software.

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Breman Innovation

Breman Innovation works on the conceptualization, engineering, manufacturing and assembly of equipment for the offshore and maritime industries. The goal of the firm is to support energy transition, electrification and the reduction of the CO2 footprint of offshore operations. Arjan Boezeman, Managing Director of Breman Innovation, introduced a chain crane, where the company patented several innovations to build a prototype ready for use in February 2025.

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Heerema Engineering Solutions

Dutch firm Heerema Engineering Solutions was established in 2019. The firm focuses on enabling, improving, and de-risking the offshore procedures that are used to implement innovations or develop offshore projects hosted by developers. Heerema supports novel installation methodologies or novel methods by finding new systems for offshore wind farms, according to Silvan Slijpen, Commercial Manager, Heerema Engineering Solutions.

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Next Ocean

Next Ocean is a spin-off from the Delft University of Technology. The company, which was founded in 2016, provides technology to predict actual waves at sea up to minutes ahead of time. Raghu Paravastu, Operations Manager at Next Ocean, said that the offshore landscape has changed a lot, and this comes along with the challenges of efficiency and safety. By predicting the waves and related ship motions, Next Ocean wants to help reduce wave-related risks and increase the uptime of offshore operations. The firm operates on wind turbine installation vessels, SOVs, subsea installations, and floating wind turbines.

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Flying Fish

Tech company Flying Fish, founded in 2019, works on fleet optimization, designing electric powertrains, applying hydrofoil systems, and fleet operation software, as well as creating interdisciplinary solutions. The consultancy services are tailored to support businesses in navigating the transition to eco-friendly maritime solutions. Gerben Schonebaum, Co-Founder & Engineer of Flying Fish, talked about the company’s flying fish foil system, hydrofoils and the possible steps towards achieving fully zero-emission shipping.

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i4sea, established in 2015, is a company founded by oceanographers with the purpose: to eliminate uncertainties related to the impact of nature on the economy. Bruno Balbi, Co-Founder of I4Sea revealed that the company works in Brazil, and it is quickly expanding in Latin America and Europe. The task of the firm is to make the weather systems not only reliable but also easier to understand. Offshore and maritime operations depend on waves, winds and other weather conditions. The company’s technology helps transform weather forecasts into actions for daily operations.

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Dutch firm FLASC is a start-up developing a patented energy storage technology for offshore renewables. Daniel Buhagiar, CEO & Co-Founder, FLASC introduced the offshore energy storage solution designed to solve some of the challenges in the offshore energy industry including a mismatch between variable or intermittent renewable energy supply and consumer demand. He emphasized that building infrastructure offshore is challenging and that is why the company is leveraging collaborations.

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TREE Composites

Tree Composites, established in 2020, is a company working on the design and manufacturing of innovative composite solutions for the offshore energy sector. The firm’s TC-joint is a novel technology based on composite as an alternative to the complex welded joints in multi-membered tubular structures. According to Eline Spek, Managing Director of TREE Composites, by using composite joints, the industry players can use up to 60 per cent less steel, which could lead to a 50 per cent reduction of carbon footprint for the offshore structures.

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