Greenabl Shippers Association: Logistics industry launches green supply chain coalition

Illustration; Image by Offshore Energy

The logistics industry is taking a major step towards sustainability with the launch of Greenabl Shippers Association, the first not-for-profit cooperative procurement group committed to decarbonizing the transportation sector.

Illustration; Image by Offshore Energy

Managed by Bluspark, the association brings together expertise in ocean freight and procurement with support for importers and exporters, as demonstrated through its management of the Gemini Shippers Association.

Ken O’Brien, President & CEO of Bluspark said that this would not be an easy task, but reducing the industry’s carbon footprint and transitioning to a more sustainable future is possible, and it will require a collective effort from multiple stakeholders in the supply chain.

The Greenabl solution is centered around a neutral cooperative procurement approach, with a unique twist: a powerful technology platform that enables both shippers and carriers to measure, mitigate, and offset their greenhouse gas emissions.

“Greenabl is the first of its kind and I’m optimistic that it will change the transportation industry for good,” said George Goldman, former president at ZIM American Integrated Shipping Services and executive chairman of Greenabl.

“With a commitment to both inset and offset initiatives, plus the necessary reporting and analytics to measure success, Greenabl is providing a 360-degree solution.”