GSF Constellation I jack up

Global Santa Fe’s constellation jack up, working off east coast of Trinidad in September 2004. This is a Friede & Goldman JU-2000 class rig, capable of drilling to 30,000 ft in water depths up to 400 ft.

It was one of two identical rigs built at the PPL Shipyard in Singapore and delivered in June 2003.
The 40 ft x 40 ft x 170 ft derrick provides a static hook load of 1.6 million lb, 3,000-hp drawworks, and houses a National Oilwell power swivel top drive. The 108-ft-long cantilever has a 75-ft reach (behind the transom) and 15-ft potential transverse movement.
The legs are 548 ft long, set on 59-ft-diameter spud cans, allowing the rigs to work in 400-ft water. Accommodation quarters for 120 people wrap around the forward leg.