GustoMSC Becomes Partner of Offshore Wind Conference 2019

The Offshore Wind Conference 2019 team is proud to announce that offshore design and engineering company GustoMSC is a partner of this year’s conference on 7 and 8 October at the Amsterdam RAI.

GustoMSC develops solutions for the safe and efficient execution of projects at sea. With 74% of the wind turbines in the North Sea installed with a GustoMSC designed installation unit, the company is a proud leader in the offshore wind segment.

The most efficient solution possible needs to be found for the existing operations at sea, while new challenges call for innovative integrated ideas. GustoMSC’s designs of Mobile Offshore Units (MOUs) and equipment are based on decades-long experience and in-depth knowledge of all the technical and operational aspects involved. Their experience and knowledge also enable them to provide engineering services during the operational support phase of their designs and equipment, further optimizing the performance while contributing to a sustainable future.

OWC 2019

Let us envision the future. Visualize for a moment that the world is now solely powered by renewable energy. The world is greener and electricity is abundant. Now take a step back into the present. What is necessary to reach that wondrous future you just saw before you? We will need a global outlook, global cooperation, a solid financial position, vast grid connections and cross-industry cohesion in terms of, for instance, hydrogen.

Now more than ever offshore wind is showing true global potential and with that, the industry will play a significant role in the energy transition.

Join the celebratory tenth edition of the Offshore Wind Conference together with DEME Offshore. OWC is held as part of the Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference.

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