Half Moon Bay in Need of Dredging

The Bayside City Council, Victoria, has officially started early dredging investigation works at the Half Moon Bay boat ramp.  

According to their latest release, the council will apply for approvals in the following months, planing to undertake a dredging program in early 2020 once all approvals are granted.

Under the cleanup plan, aimed to remove a build-up of sand around the boat ramps, the council will conduct a bi-annual dredging program in this area – very shallow at the moment.

Sand that naturally builds up in the boat ramp area needs to be periodically removed to improve safety for recreational and emergency boats being launched and/or retrieved in Half Moon Bay.

This work usually involves an excavator removing the sand and trucks relocating it to the northern end of the beach.

The relocated sand contains organic marine matter and is discolored and smelly. It can take up to one week for the odor to go away, the council said.

For safety reasons, the maintenance dredging operations can only take place in calm weather conditions and low tides.

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