Hamburg: Container, cruise terminals to get shore power connection

The Hamburg City Council has commissioned the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) to install shore power systems at the Burchardkai, Tollerort and Eurogate container terminals as well as the Steinwerder and HafenCity cruise terminals.

Illustration. Image by Navingo

The move comes in an effort to achieve the goals of the clean air plan and to set an important milestone on the way to climate neutrality in Hamburg.

“With the expansion of shore power supply, the Port of Hamburg is sending a clear signal for greater environmental protection and is also increasing its attractiveness with regard to the steadily growing global demand for climate-neutral and environmentally friendly logistics chains and ship travels,” HPA said.

The sustainable investments for the project are supported by municipal funds as well as by the federal program to promote the expansion of shore power systems.

Following the successful completion of the award process, the project will enter the implementation phase.

According to HPA, Siemens could become a general contractor for the container terminals Burchardkai and Tollerort and PowerCon for the container terminal Eurogate and the cruise terminal Steinwerder. The ship connection systems for the container terminals are developed by Igus and those for the cruise terminal by STEMMANN-Technik.

Together with the terminal operators, the project partners will be engaged in “innovative pioneering” work as the majority of shore power systems are the first of their kind in Europe.

The HafenCity cruise terminal is planned to be equipped with a shore power system by 2025, and further terminals for other ship segments are also being planned. Once the systems are completed, ships in Hamburg can be supplied with green electricity.

With the test phase of operation set to begin in early 2023, Hamburg will take a major step towards decarbonising the port and will be many years ahead of the EU regulation planned for 2030.

Together with the other European ports — Antwerp, Bremerhaven, Rotterdam, Le Havre –, Hamburg has set itself even more ambitious goals in order to contribute to sustainable logistics chains.