Hamburg, Halifax and Valencia ports to create innovation hubs

The innovation hubs of the Port of Hamburg, the Port of Halifax and the Port of Valencia have announced that they are in talks about the creation of a global network of port innovation hubs.

Port of Halifax

The announcement of this new initiative took place during the Port Entrepreneurship International Congress, organized by Opentop and held within the framework of the Valencia Digital Summit.

The aim is to become a global alliance of port innovators. This will drive the adoption of innovation in the global port system by connecting communities of innovation centers, including start-ups, entrepreneurs, companies, researchers, universities, and investors, to share innovative ideas, project results, innovation experiences, methodologies and best practices.

“For any innovation hub it is of utmost importance to share with other hubs our best practices from homePORT in collaboration between each port and the members of its innovation community and to communicate the benefits and results of innovative projects with the network members. Also, we would like to learn from others to improve our services to our community, too,” Phanthian Zuesongdham, Head of the Port Process Solution Division of the Hamburg Port Authority, stated.

“This kind of initiative has the potential to leverage the existing capabilities of innovation hubs globally, offering test spaces in the ports of the network’s innovation hubs, workspaces and collaborative platforms to be used as technology testbeds for members and partners from other hubs in the network,” Antonio Torregrosa, CEO of the Valenciaport Foundation, the entity leading Opentop, said.

“The connection of the three hubs will bring additional international perspective to each of the hubs and their members. This will allow us to think more globally and have a greater understanding of international culture, ideas and solutions to complex problems that would benefit start-up projects at the local level and expand existing capabilities for technology testing and demonstrations,” Michael Davie, Vice President of Operations and Technology at the Port of Halifax, added.

The three innovation hubs are now entering the last phase of the network design and the initiative is expected to be officially launched in the coming months.