Havyard Delivers PSV ‘Ben Nevis’ to Indian Owners

Havyard Delivers PSV 'Ben Nevis' to Indian Owners

Friday last week Havyard Group delivered its sixth newbuilding to the Indian shipping company Global Offshore Services and the naming ceremony were held Monday in Aberdeen, UK.

The platform supply ship (PSV) “Ben Nevis” is a Havyard 832 design. The naming ceremony was held in Aberdeen on Monday and Arlie Snellen was Godmother. This was the sixth PSV Havyard has built and delivered to the Indian offshore company Global Offshore Services. “Ben Nevis” is newbuild 112 from Havyard.

Many think we have gone against the flow” says Aditya Garware, managing director of Global Offshore. “This is the sixth newbuilding we have ordered and taken delivery of from Havyard since 2006. A Norwegian ship owner once said that there was something odd when he was ordering ships in India and we as Indian ship owner ordered in Norway. We think, however this is not strange. We focus on providing quality services to our customers and then reliability and operability is extremely important. There is nothing that is more expensive than a cheap boat that has goes off-hire due to technical problems, both for us and our customers. In our opinion to build on Havyard is the most profitable for us in the long run says the Indian owner.

Trygve Solaas, Yard Director at Havyard Ship Technology in Leirvik in Norway has taken part in building all the ships at Global Offshore. He praises the good cooperation with Global Offshore and their employees during the construction process.

“Ever since we started to plan the first ship we had a good dialogue with the owner and their people,” Solaas said. “Although there are cultural differences we had good chemistry and both parties aimed for a good process. We had the same goal, to build good ships. When one has built six ships the cooperation will be routine, but we have high focus on improving and deliver ever better. So far, we have the impression that we have a satisfied customer and them keep coming back and ordering new ships confirms it I guess, the shipyard director says smiling.”

Global Offshore has one sister ship of the “Ben Nevis” under construction at the shipyard for delivery in August this year.

Named after a mountain

Global Offshore has a tradition naming their ships after high mountains. This time they have chosen to name their latest platform after the highest mountain in Scotland and the British Isles. The mountain Ben Nevis rises 1344 meter above sea level and is located in the West end the mountain range Grampain Mountains in the Scottish Highlands. The reason the ship is named after a Scottish mountain is because she will start her career from and operate out of Aberdeen.

Our vessels operate both in India, the Far East and Brazil in addition to the North Sea. We have a young fleet of good ships and our philosophy is to do what we can to ensure that our customers will be satisfied,” says managing director of Global Offshore Aditya Garware. – “Ben Nevis” will in the beginning go out and compete in the spot market, but we aim to get it on a longer contract if the opportunity presents itself. We believe we have a top quality PSV with a competent crew that can compete with anyone and deliver reliable supply services to potential clients,” Garware concludes.

Indian tradition

In addition to the traditional Norwegian bottle breaking ceremony, Global Offshore always performs an Indian tradition blessing the vessel and her crew. It is a beautiful ceremony with flower decorations, prayers and special food, ending up with breaking a coconut on the ship’s hull. With this double blessing one could hope for double luck and prosperity for the vessel, her crew and the owners.

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The Havyard 832 is a success story for Havyard and “Ben Nevis” is the fifteenth newbuild of this design which is delivered. With those on order in addition there is totally ordered over 20 Havyard 832 PSVs.

Havyard 832 is a large medium sized platform supply vessels designed with focus on reliability, flexibility, economy and environmental friendliness.

Press Release, March 20, 2013