Heerema’s Aegir vessel installs Qatargas platform

Heerema’s Aegir vessel has completed the installation of a jacket and topside for Qatargas’ North Field Bravo living quarters expansion project.

Source: Heerema

The project itself was a historic milestone for Qatar, with the fabrication for the offshore living quarter expansion being done locally – a first for the nation, according to Heerema’s statement on Tuesday.

The Aegir firstly mobilized to Qatar’s Ras Laffan Port where both structures were constructed by Heerema’s client Rosetti Marino at the N-Kom yard.

On February 14, the Aegir picked up the jacket horizontally from the quayside. The 1.000 mT structure was then sailed to the offshore site, upended, and positioned in a process that was first tested in Heerema’s simulation center, the company noted.

In the subsequent days, the main piles, consisting of a lead section and two add-ons, were installed and driven to target penetration. Before the Aegir returned to the N-Kom yard to pick up the Qatar made topside on February 22, lifting the 3.000 mT structure from the quayside and setting it onto the Aegir deck.

The next morning the Aegir set sail to the construction site, where the deck was installed around midday. Both mobilizations were completed within 18 hours.

The project was finalized on February 25, with both the jacket and topside installed by Heerema for Qatargas.

Source: Heerema