Heerema’s LNG-powered crane vessel set for maiden voyage

Sleipnir during LNG bunkering operations; Image courtesy of HMC

Sleipnir, Heerema Marine Contractor’s semi-submersible crane vessel and the world’s first LNG-powered construction vessel, is set to embark on its maiden voyage from Singapore.

Sleipnir, which completed its sea trials and crane load tests last month, is set to leave Singapore this week and start its 45-day trip towards Spain.

The vessel itself is designed to work on large offshore projects such as installing and removing jackets, topsides, deep-water foundations, moorings and other offshore structures, such as wind turbines.

This is the largest crane vessel ever built with a pair of world’s strongest revolving cranes and is the first vessel of its kind with dual-fuel engines running on MGO and LNG.

The last two days of LNG bunkering took place 12 miles off the coast of Indonesia with Heerema being the first company to perform LNG bunkering in this area of the world. Heerema selected Dutch company Titan LNG to help in this operation.

For this purpose, Titan LNG chartered a ship commercially managed by Dutch shipping firm Anthony Veder.

Sleipnir will now set sail for Spain, rounding South Africa’s Cape of Good Hope. In the Mediterranean, Titan LNG will again supply Sleipnir with LNG using the Coral Fraseri that will pass through the Suez Canal.

The vessel is equipped with two 10,000-tonne revolving cranes which can lift loads of up to 20,000 tonnes in tandem. During the recent sea trials, the cranes managed to lift loads of 11,000 tonnes per crane – 110% of its capacity.

Koos-Jan van Brouwershaven, CEO of Heerema, said: “Sleipnirs’ design clearly showcases Heerema’s dedication to sustainability beyond simply compliance. This specific project of bunkering LNG is proof of this ambition. We are very pleased to work together with Dutch Company Titan LNG, since it provided us with good solutions for bunkering, in Singapore as well as in Spain.

Jan Valkier, CEO of Anthony Veder, added: “Shortly after adding Coral Fraseri to our fleet we have already mobilized her in the small scale LNG market, which underlines our strong position and commitment in supplying the maritime industry worldwide sustainable solutions for LNG as a marine fuel.