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Heerema’s Sleipnir bunkers LNG in Gibraltar

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Heerema Marine Contractor’s semi-submersible crane vessel and the world’s first LNG-powered construction vessel, Sleipnir completed a bunkering operation in Gibraltar. 

According to a brief statement through its social media channels, Heerema Marine Contractors said that Sleipnir was supplied with over 3,000 metric tonnes of LNG in Gibraltar.

The vessel is on its way to its first project in the Mediterranean.

Heerema Marine Contractors said the operation has been supported by the Dutch company Titan LNG and the Gibraltar Port Authorities.

In an earlier statement, Heerema said Titan LNG chartered a ship commercially managed by Dutch shipping firm Anthony Veder to carry out the bunkering operation.

Sleipnir is equipped with two 10,000-tonne revolving cranes which can lift loads of up to 20,000 tonnes in tandem. During the recent sea trials, the cranes managed to lift loads of 11,000 tonnes per crane – 110 percent of its capacity.

This is the largest crane vessel ever built and is the first vessel of its kind with dual-fuel engines running on MGO and LNG., Heerema said.

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