Hejre accommodation platform scheduled for delivery in 2015

The Korean shipyard Shinhan Machinery is hard at work building the accommodation platform for DONG Energy’s new Hejre oil and gas field in the North Sea.

Hejre accommodation platform scheduled for delivery in 2015

The accommodation platform for Hejre will take approximately one year to construct and will be transported to the Hejre field once it is ready to be installed in the course of 2015. By then, the platform will provide accommodation for 70 people. It will be fully equipped with comforts such as a sauna, offices, a lift, a cinema, fitness room, a small hospital and a helipad.

A hotel 300km offshore in the North Sea

The accommodation platform is like a fully equipped hotel, except that this hotel rests on 100-metre-high legs 300km offshore. The platform’s accommodation section must therefore also be fire and explosion-proof and maintain a small over-pressure to ensure that possible gas leaks from the production area are kept out.

Input from future residents

Because the offshore crew will not only be working at the Hejre platform but also living there, it is important to get input from them and make sure that the housing conditions are comfortable, Dong Energy said

An exact model of one of the rooms has therefore been built, and the crew has provided input for the final design.

Hejre accommodation platform

To the left: In a 1.5m2 bathroom, every square centimetre counts.
To the right: Two persons in a furnished 8m2 room. Photos: DONG Energy

In order to make the most of the rooms’ 8m2, the interior of the accommodation area has been designed in close collaboration between offshore crew and interior designers.

All rooms are furnished with a bed, a wardrobe, a desk and a chair. All rooms have their own shower and toilet, which take up 1.5m2 of floor space.

Once the accommodation platform is finished, it will consist of nine floors and a total of 70 rooms with their own toilet and shower and, of course, sea view. The finished structure will weigh around 2,700 tonnes, the equivalent of approximately 2,000 European cars.


Press Release, March 24, 2014


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