Photo: HelioRec's floating solar pilot in the Port of Oostende (Courtesy of HelioRec)

HelioRec installs floating solar pilot in Belgian port

French start-up HelioRec has installed a floating solar power plant in the Port of Oostende in Belgium as part of the EU-funded DUAL Ports initiative.

HelioRec's floating solar pilot in the Port of Oostende (Courtesy of HelioRec)
HelioRec’s floating solar pilot in the Port of Oostende (Courtesy of HelioRec)

The 10kWp floating solar plant was installed on January 14, 2022, in cooperation with project partner Greenpipe International – a Swedish-based provider of cable protection equipment.

The 120 m2 floating solar plant was built as a key project of the DUAL Ports EU-funded initiative and included 10 companies from seven countries.

According to HelioRec, the system has been designed for 44 m/s wind speeds and 2-meter-high waves.

Greenpipe International said earlier that it’s subsea cable protection – Snap Panzar – will be incorporated to protect the power plant’s export cables.

During the initial phase of the project, the 10kWp floating solar power plant will provide electricity to a warehouse in the Port Oostende where an old boat is being restored.

This is expected to minimize the use of the existing diesel generator and consequently 924 kgCO2eq. per year will be reduced, according to project partners.

“We already produced 50kWh of clean energy for the workshop where the old boat is being renovated.

“The project will help us to improve technology be closer to commercialization and expand our activities in Europe,” HelioRec said in a statement.

This pilot project is looking to improve the possibility of producing renewable energy via floating solar panels using recycling plastic waste to build the floaters, contributing to circular economy movement.

Also, the main parameters of the power plant will be assessed during the project, including its survivability in sea conditions with Snap Panzar cable protection pipes, along with system’s stability and its energy production.

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