Reclamation project planned at Dar es Salaam

News – July 16, 2008

Dar es Salaam City Council and the Tanzania Ports Authority are reportedly planning to implement a new Waterfront Development Project that includes land reclamation of 1.6 kilometres of the Indian Ocean from Kigamboni to the TPA headquarters.

Speaking during a stakeholders’ workshop in Dar es Salaam, City Mayor Adam Kimbisa said the vision was to make the city much more attractive, with a view of turning Dar es Salaam into a world class investment tourist destination.

He said the project would also develop the city’s downtown core into a vibrant place for living, working and recreation.

The Guardian newspaper reported that Kimbisa said the scheme would bring many economic benefits for Dar es Salaam dwellers, as the city was facing challenges in providing economic and social services as well as office accommodation for the growing population.

The TPA has been considering development of an area of land within Dar es Salaam harbour for some time, and has reportedly engaged a consultant from Canada to provide advice on how the project can be realised.