Fugro determines stock dividend ratio

On 7 May 2009 the cash dividend of Fugro N.V. for 2008 was set at EUR 1.50 per (certificate of an) ordinary share. The dividend could either be paid fully in cash or fully in (certificates of) ordinary shares, such at the choice of the holder. The number of dividend rights that entitles to one new (certificate of) ordinary share is determined at 18.5.

The average of the closing prices of Fugro N.V. on Euronext Amsterdam on 25, 26 and 27 May 2009, being EUR 28.21 per certificate of a share of EUR 0.05 nominal value, has been used as basis for determining the stock dividend exchange ratio. Taking into account this exchange ratio and the average closing price, the value of the pay out in shares is 1.61 % higher than the cash dividend of EUR 1.50.

About 54 % of the holders of (certificates of) shares chose to receive the dividend in stock. Fugro N.V. will issue approximately 2.1 million new shares to pay out the stock dividend.

The date of payment of the dividend is 29 May 2009 at Fortis Bank Nederland, Rokin 55, Amsterdam.