NAHEMA 120 moulds, an amazing technological feat – a French/Australian partnership

NAHEMA, in order to build the first 120 feet composite luxury cruising catamaran on the market, is outsourcing the best for each step of the production process. NAHEMA searched Worldwide for a partner able to master the technology of manufacturing innovative and flawless moulds. The size and the ground-breaking design of the NAHEMA 120, the need to obtain perfect and complex hulls, cockpit, roof, deck, fly-bridge and appendices shapes simply required the best moulds available.
NAHEMA found a talented partner in mouldCAM an Australian based company formed by Jaime Marina and Toby Whitfield in 2001. The moulds they produce are exceptionally accurate. In the case of the NAHEMA 120, they guarantee that the boat design will be translated so closely – within 1mm per 10m – that little or no fairing will be required. This will also result in a substantially lighter and optimally performing yacht corresponding perfectly to NAHEMA’s concept of perfection and performance.
Jaime Marina and Toby Whitfield met on the professional racing circuit. They saw how a large format 5 axis milling could be used to cut the hulls of an America Cup competitor and thought it would be a great tool for the yachting industry. They have developed a technology, from the computer program to the drilling process, able to satisfy the most demanding designs.
The NAHEMA 120 hull moulds have been shipped from Australia on a cargo ship. They have been unloaded in La Ciotat and are currently being fitted together by mouldCAM’s team. The infusion process will start in the coming weeks.