Maersk Oil to boost focus on technology, global operations and business development

Maersk Oil is further enhancing its focus on operational, technical and business development excellence by reassigning responsibilities and adding two new departments to its organisation – Corporate Technology & Projects and Global Production Operations.

“The challenge in a large and growing global oil and gas company is to leverage size and skill to the maximum without giving up what makes smaller companies successful,” says Thomas Thune Andersen.

“By changing our organisation, we will be able to continue to grow to become a truly international company, while maintaining the high standards that make us an attractive partner for oil companies and oil producing countries around the world to do business with,” adds Thomas Thune Andersen. “We also want to benefit from operating both at a global and a local level.”

Corporate Technology & Projects will be headed by Jakob Plagborg-Møller with the aim to further develop and safeguard the technical expertise and competency within Maersk Oil.

Global Production Operations will be headed by Kurt Normann Nielsen with the aim to further boost Maersk Oil’s worldwide operations. Tom van Leenen will replace Kurt Normann Nielsen as head of Maersk Oil UK.

At the same time, Jakob Bo Thomasen will relocate from Maersk Oil Qatar to head Exploration and New Business, which will continue its work expanding Maersk Oil’s core business in exploration and production. Jep Brink will take over as head of Maersk Oil Qatar to further develop the business and in recognition of Qatar’s importance to Maersk Oil.

The enhanced focus on technology will also benefit Maersk Oil’s operations in the Danish North Sea, says Thomas Thune Andersen.

“Our investment in the Danish fields is far from over, and we continue to develop new technology and new methods, which can prolong the lifespan of the fields and enable further production. In the years to come, there will also be a large focus on efficiency and cost as well as ensuring that the production is safe and environmentally responsible.”

The organisational change will be effective from 15 April, 2009.

Maersk Oil is a global operation with an oil production of some 650,000 barrels and a sales gas production of up to some 1,000 million cubic feet per day from core producing fields in the Danish and British part of the North Sea, offshore Qatar, in Algeria and in Kazakhstan. Exploration activities are ongoing in these locations as well as in Angola, US Gulf of Mexico, Norway, Oman and Brazil.

The company’s most recent gas find was in the Culzean exploration well in the UK Central North Sea. In addition, Maersk Oil with partners Chevron and Samson have made an oil discovery in the Buckskin exploration well in the US Gulf of Mexico.

Maersk Oil employs more than 3,000 people worldwide.