Yachting star given a taste of VIP protection by crack Commandos

She is more used to dealing with the crash of sails and the whistle of high winds, but yachting star Dee Caffari saw a different marine hazard at Meet Your Navy.
Taking time out from her training for the Vendee Globe round the world race, she acted as a VIP under fire in the main arena.

Flanked by a guard of Royal Marine Commandos, crowds watched as she was driven around the arena in a special Land Rover before being shot at.
Of course it was only blank rounds, but the crack of gunfire and speed of movement made for exciting viewing.

She said: ‘That was really good, they are so professional.

‘I was given all the training I needed before and it really seemed real when they were coming at me with knives and guns.’

Marines played the roles of different troublemakers trying to hurt the yachtswoman, but each time they were forced back by slick defensive work.

A knife-wielding maniac was floored with a baton and a man running to the convoy with a gun was soon ‘shot’ while Miss Caffari was protected.
She said: ‘The fact that these guys have been risking their lives in Afghanistan makes what they did all the more admirable.

‘They have real experience and you can get an idea of how much a few seconds matters in a life or death situation.’