Largest racing trimaran launched in France

Pascal Bidegorry’s new Banque Populaire V, the latest generation G-Class maxi-trimaran, emerged yesteray morning from her build shed at CDK Technologies following a 24-month build and is now in the water.

Following on from Franck Cammas’ 105ft Groupama III, this latest ‘uber’ multihull is even bigger. At 131ft (40-metres) long, the maxi-trimaran is the largest racing multihull ever built.

Two years after the announcement of the project, Banque Populaire V was lowered into the water in Lorient. For its skipper Pascal Bidégorry, it was a carefully prepared operation: “The launching today pays tribute to a coordinated and committed team, and the reunion of the biggest French know-how in the field of marine construction.”

“It is the first time that the boat has ever struck the water. We started the engine and saw that the propeller rotates. There is great satisfaction to see it afloat, even if I am divided between the emotion of the launching and the reality of the workload ahead of us. I am happy to share this moment with my team.” 

Ronan Lucas, Director of Team Banque Populaire added: “It has been two years since we started work on this project and we now have a beautiful boat on the water that will break records.”

Over the next couple of weeks, the Banque Populaire team, under Pascal, will test the trimaran ahead of its record breaking campaign.