Burger and Sparkman & Stephens Announce the Development of Motorsailors

Burger Boat Company and Sparkman & Stephens are pleased to announce a newly formed collaboration to design and build custom aluminum motorsailers.

Heralding a return to traditional elegance with decidedly modern performance, these vessels will continue the proud heritage that was developed with the construction of the first Sparkman & Stephens designed aluminum yawl built by Burger Boat Company in 1957.

Sparkman & Stephens has a long history of motorsailer design; over 50 designed in 78 years, starting in 1933 with the design of Tamerlane and culminating with a string of very successful motorsailers including Osprey, Sea Angel, Freedom, Galileo, Astral, Mayslyph and Timoneer. These boats are still very active today, sailing the world over.

Burger Boat Company since 1863 has created the prominent heritage of designing and building custom yachts of distinction. Burger’s worldwide fleet is comprised entirely of unique yachts – built one of a kind, one at a time. Each is built using proven technologies, world-class design principles and unmatched craftsmanship. Burger builds every newly commissioned yacht based upon the dreams of its owner. As a true custom builder, Burger delivers only a limited number of new yachts per year to preserve the exclusivity that comes with owning a unique Burger yacht.

As a builder of custom yachts in lengths to 200’ (60m) and constructed of Alustar™ aluminum or steel it is only a natural for Burger to team up with Sparkman & Stephens, one of the world’s highest acclaimed designers, to re-introduce to the world a Burger built motorsailer.

Today, Sparkman & Stephens has developed three new motorsailers ranging from 90’ to 150’ especially for Burger Boat Company. These vessels draw from years of experience and will feature the latest in technology, state of the art innovation and Burger’s reliability and high quality. The hull and superstructure will be fabricated in Alustar™ aluminum while the interiors of these vessels will feature the high quality construction for which Burger is known.

Sparkman & Stephens designers have incorporated recent advances in computer modeling, rig design and material science into each of these new motorsailers. The design team is well aware that with increased environmental consciousness and diesel prices at an all-time high, a vessel with the tremendous range offered by motorsailers would have an even greater appeal. As a result, fuel efficient and environmentally friendly systems were specified from the very earliest design stages of this exciting new line.

By virtue of their luxury and environmental friendliness and as a direct result of their superior engineering, quality construction and reliability these new motorsailers will be uniquely suited for exploration. With the application of both companies’ extensive experience, the motorsailer has been redefined as a highly capable high performance vessel.