HYPACK 2015 Event Marks Success

HYPACK 2015 Training Event held in San Antonio, Texas, attracted attention of over 250 attendees, 25 exhibitors, and 6,000 remote viewers from all parts of the world.

HYPACK® 2015 new features include enhanced topographic laser capabilities, integration of Leica and Reinshaw topographic laser system, support for multiple navigation devices, export for 3D printers, vector-scaled soundings in HYPACK SHELL and HYPLOT (WYSIWYG), multiple offsets for rig moves in HYPACK SURVEY, updated IENC presentation to latest standard, Google Glass helmsman display, real-time capture for GoPro and Nikon cameras, enhanced targeting of side scan sonar in HYSCAN, unicode implementation to support foreign language characters and update of translation texts, enhanced remote viewing, allowing for viewing and control of HYPACK SURVEY on a tablet, and updated DREDGEPACK® interface for cranes.

This event was beneficial to everyone in the industry because we offered general training sessions for those who were just beginning to use HYPACK®, sessions for people who needed a refresher, and expert sessions for in-depth training on a particular subject. HYPACK, Inc. even offered one-on-one sessions with our technicians and programmers throughout the event. Everyone was able to receive comprehensive instruction in HYPACK®, DREDGEPACK® and HYSWEEP® software,HYPACK wrote in a press release.

On HYPACK booth attendees were able to see its new 3D Printer along with the HYPACK 2015 SURVEY program with enhanced background displays that can simultaneously show multibeam coverage with depth, number of samples per cell or standard deviation per cell.

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