IHC and TNPA Nominated for Innovative Support Services Award

Royal IHC and Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) have been nominated for the Innovative Support Services award for setting up Africa’s first dredging school.

The award recognizes support services that enable or enrich the dredging sector that do not include physical dredging activity: examples include education & training, surveying, hydrographics, research & development, consultants, specialist finance and insurance providers, communication providers, etc.

The first ever Dredging School in Africa was launched in January 2017, strengthening the collaboration between the Maritime School of Excellence (MSoE), TNPA, IHC and Training Institute for Dredging (TID).

Working together, the companies have packaged a special dredging training program that incorporates 12 weeks of classroom theory, eight weeks of simulation training and six months of practical training on-board a real dredging vessel.

A high-tech simulator – based at the Transnet Maritime School of Excellence (MSoE) Langeberg Road premises – will also aid in building dredging capability in South Africa.

The multi-million Rand simulator mimics the control panel of an actual dredging vessel, complete with environmental simulation of weather conditions, sea states and soil types. This provides realistic training situations while eliminating the risk of accidents, production losses, damage and injuries that could occur while training in real life.

It is anticipated that over a three year period over 50 students will complete training on the simulator as part of a holistic dredging training program and graduate from this dredging school.