IHC Merwede, TID to Participate in 4th Annual Conference on Dredging

IHC Merwede, TID to Participate in 4th Annual Conference on Dredging

IHC Merwede and its Training Institute for Dredging (TID) concluded the India Dredging Experience on 4 September. This was a special event held as a warm-up for the 4th Annual Conference on Dredging in India, where a number of the company’s representatives will be presenting on their respective fields of expertise.

During the India Dredging Experience, IHC Merwede’s guests were invited to become acquainted with and experience the benefits of TID’s Cutter Simulator Training. Arjen Verhoeff, the Assistant Sales Manager for the Indian region, had the honour of opening the event on behalf of IHC Merwede.

Visitors then had the opportunity to try out a range of dredging scenarios on TID’s advanced cutter dredger simulator. This allowed them to develop a clear understanding of what the simulator training has to offer crews on dredging vessels and their respective employers. A number of TID’s experienced trainers guided the participants through a diverse programme of activities, including basic dredging operations, slurry transport, dredger instrumentation and operations.

The 4th Annual Conference on Dredging in India will be attended by IHC Merwede’s Sales Director and its Area Sales Manager. The latter, Kees Derks, will also be presenting a session titled, ‘Latest development in dredging technology’, in conjunction with Jorrit van Dijk, IHC Merwede’s Account Manager at the company’s regional headquarters in India. In addition, TID’s Bob Rijnders will discuss the subject of ‘Dredge training and the benefits of using dredge simulators’.

The enthusiasm with which the participants received the Dredging Experience bodes well for the success of the India Dredging Competition, which will be held during the Conference on 5-6 September in the ITC Maratha, Mumbai, India. Visitors will be invited to compete against each other during a 20-minute challenge on the simulator for the ‘Operator of the Day’ accolade, which will be awarded to the participant who makes the most optimal use of one full stroke of the spud carrier.


Press Release, September 6, 2013