IHC Reservoir Dredging Update

Royal IHC has just released another update from the reservoir dredging pilot scheme in India, saying that a downstream HDPE discharge pipeline has been placed from dam to disposal site.

For the floating pipeline, locally sourced drums will be used as floaters and are attached to the pipeline.

“One of the goals of this pilot project is the re-use of sediment material to strengthen the embankment downstream. However, not only the sediment is re-used, also the locally purchased drums. After the completion of the project these will be sold back to the local store,” said IHC.

The preparation of the dredging works included modelling and analysis of the morphological behavior of the particular reservoir. This involved mapping out the sedimentation process within it and identifying the most useful places to dredge and was carried out by Deltares.

Within this project, so-called geotextile tubes filled with dredged material will be placed at designated areas downstream to reinforce the embankment and protect it against erosion.

According to IHC, these geotextile tubes enable quick dewatering of the material, and can also be laid in the reservoir to control the current and reduce future siltation or restore eroded banks.