IHI considers converting LNG terminals into ammonia-based facilities

IHI Corporation, Japan’s LNG receiving and storage terminal manufacturer, has started looking into converting liquefied natural gas (LNG) receiving and storage terminals near many gas-fired power plants into ammonia-based facilities.

Illustration / Courtesy of IHI
Illustration / Courtesy of IHI

The company said it will draw on its corrosion expertise and experimental technologies for materials to study the feasibility of minimally modifying these terminals during the second half of this decade.

To note, IHI is developing technology to use ammonia to fuel boilers and gas turbines, and the company said that converting LNG facilities should drive ammonia uptake by slashing costs and ensuring effective land usage.

IHI noted that it will keep helping to materialise a carbon-neutral economy by developing technologies to use ammonia and building a fuel ammonia supply chain to cater to future demand growth.

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