Image of the day: WaveEL buoy

WaveEL buoy (Photo: Waves4Power)

Waves4Power, a Sweden-based wave energy developer, has assembled its WaveEL wave energy buoy yesterday, January 21, 2016, in Falkenberg, Sweden.

The WaveEL point absorber wave energy device is comprised of an 8 meter WaveEL buoy, and its patented long acceleration tube.

The tube, which is open in both ends, goes right through the buoy and is sticking down 30-35 meters below it.

As waves rise and lower the buoy with the attached tube, they will move differently from the water column in the tube. By placing a piston connected to a hydraulic conversion system in the tube, a pump is created.

The hydraulic pump is connected to an accumulator feeding a hydraulic motor with a generator that converts the hydraulic pressure to electric power.

Waves4Power plans to deploy WaveEL device at Runde test site, off Norway, early in 2016.

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