Indonesia: INPEX Receives IPA Best Booth Award for Third Consecutive Year

INPEX had a major presence at the 35th Annual Indonesian Petroleum Association (IPA) Convention and Exhibition held in Jakarta, Indonesia, from 18th to 20th May 2011. INPEX won the Best Booth Award (over 50m2 section) among 22 PSC Contractor exhibitors, which is a remarkable accomplishment for INPEX.

It is the first case for a single company to win the Award for three consecutive years in the IPA’s history.

“It is a great honor for INPEX to be awarded as INPEX has been engaged in a number of oil and gas projects in Indonesia since 1966, hugely supported by the Indonesian people.” Inpex said in their release.

This year the INPEX booth applied the elegantly designed traditional Tanimbar motif(*), which symbolizes the harmonization with Maluku Province where INPEX has a close relationship in the implementation of the Abadi(**) project.

“INPEX hopes the visitors to the booth were strongly impressed that INPEX contributes to the future prosperity of Indonesia under the theme “Abadi LNG Project: Energy for a Bright Future in Indonesia”. The messeage INPEX tries to give is one of the reasons that brought INPEX this honorable Award.”

(*) Tanimbar weaving motifs has a distinctive character that is different from other weaving in Indonesia. The colors of Tanimbar weaving are generally red, blue, yellow, brown, bluish black and black. In the past, these colors have special meanings which were closely related to social status or animism as in Tanimbar ancestral beliefs.

(**) INPEX is in the process of developing the large scale Abadi LNG project in the Masela Block, the Arafura Sea, for which INPEX is now preparing for the Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) as the Operator holding a 90% participating interest.

IPA is one of the largest oil and gas convention and exhibition in Indonesia that more than 9,500 participants and over 150 companies have participated this year. IPA invited 1,500 local students to the IPA, and INPEX welcomed the students to its booth, where INPEX introduced the attractiveness of the petroleum industry.

INPEX has been expanding its exploration and development activities in Indonesia as one of its international business core areas. INPEX is now conducting 10 exploration and production projects in Indonesia, which includes the Offshore Mahakam Block with a 50% participating interest.


Source:Inpex , May 27, 2011;