Infographic: Wave and tidal energy potential of Chile

Naval Experts, a media hub created by DCNS, has published an infographic on Chile’s renewable energy potential, with a specific focus on the country’s marine renewable energy.

“By many estimates, Chile’s extensive coastline, powerful waves and tidal currents could generate more than 10 times its current installed power generation capacity. This would help ensure the country’s energy security and avoid a future energy crisis,” it is stated on Naval Experts website.

In this regard, the Government of Chile has in 2014 selected DCNS and Enel Green Power to develop MERIC, Chile’s international centre of excellence in marine energy research and development.

MERIC was officially inaugurated this year in June, and will gather researchers that will develop tools to test and adapt marine renewable energy technologies to the country’s natural conditions, in addition to supporting other work related to marine renewable energy.

Furthermore, the beginning of 2016 saw Chilean government introduce a new long-term energy strategy under which at least 70% of national electricity generation is to come from renewable sources by 2050.

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