Inseanergy's floating solar unit (Courtesy of Inseanergy)

Inseanergy goes public with its fundraising campaign

Inseanergy, a Norwegian company developing floating solar solutions for aquaculture industry, has opened a fundraising campaign, targeting €855,000 to further advance its business.

Inseanergy's floating solar unit (Courtesy of Inseanergy)
Inseanergy's floating solar unit (Courtesy of Inseanergy)
Inseanergy’s floating solar unit (Courtesy of Inseanergy)

The campaign, run on Folkeinvest platform, has a minimum target of approximately NOK 10 million (€855,000), with the minimum subscription set at about NOK 5000 (€427), which corresponds to the 20 shares in the company.

According to Inseanergy, the campaign has been open since April 19 for pre-subscription for selected investors, which proved very successful, as the company managed to secure 170 subscriptions and get ‘very close’ to the minimum fundraising target.

“Our company is now in a growth phase where we will enter the market, nationally and internationally, with our sustainable energy solutions for the aquaculture industry based on floating solar power plants. Our technology is mobile and scalable, and can also be used in other markets outside of aquaculture, for example in areas near the sea with limited or no electricity supply.

“The aquaculture industry needs access to green energy, both nationally and globally, and we are ready to deliver,” said Kari-Elin Korsnes Hildre, CEO of Inseanergy.

The fundraising campaign will remain open for subscriptions until May 10, 2023.

Launched in 2020, Inseanergy is a company that supplies energy systems that are based on renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and hydrogen.

The company has designed its floating solar technology to fit the needs of the aquaculture sector, as it can be installed on recycled fish cages, and used in combination with onshore power supply to reduce the use of diesel generators that traditionally power fish farms.

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